We Are QDivision: This is Saad Sharieff.

“We Are QDivision: This is” is an ongoing blog series about our people. Saad Sharieff is a Technical Support Rep at QDivision, the Technology and Innovation department at UniGroup, C.A. This is what he has to say about working here.

I don’t know how I got so lucky to get the opportunity to walk around my little block in the city with a small white “Q” resting on my chest. No matter where I go in the city — for the record, I live a mile from the Cortex Plaza which is considered the tech hub of the city — I always sport my little “Q” on a polo or a hoodie, and I wear it with pride.

In my past life, before QDivision, I was as a special education teacher working with kids with mid to high functioning autism. Day in and day out, I struggled to find new ways to communicate ideas to students. These were concepts that I inherently knew, such as how to add two numbers to get a new number, how to brush your teeth, and how to calm down. Daily activities that seemed so simple to do became surprisingly hard to explain to someone else.

Then along came a student who was non-verbal. Her main mode of communication was to grunt or flap her arms. However, with the introduction of an iPad equipped with an app that could speak for her, she gained a voice. She could choose an answer when asked a question, express how she felt, and dance to her favorite song: “Girl On Fire,” by Alicia Keys. Thanks to technology, this young girl’s new-found freedom paved the path I’m on today.

I enrolled in school to learn how to harness technology to make lives easier for the people who work the hardest to provide for their families. I also volunteered for Code for America where I helped to modernize manual government processes and founded a meetup group with a friend for people who wanted to enrich their lives by learning code.

And finally, after graduating, I landed an interview with QDivision. I sat across from my current manager and got to know her. We talked about our lives and mutual interests. She gave me a shot on a team that I could have only dreamt about. From the moment I jumped on board, I knew QDivision was the perfect fit for me because of the values it stands for; it’s the same values that have guided me throughout life.

I knew QDivision was the perfect fit for me because of the values it stands for; it’s the same values that have guided me throughout life.

And still, seven months in, I find myself in awe of the people I work with and the camaraderie that spans across all departments. The people I am surrounded by are a lot like me. They dare to dream of giving voice to the voiceless and making life a little easier for the ones that work the hardest. And they do all of this while supporting each other and encouraging every coworker to do their very best. That’s why I proudly drape the “Q” across my chest.

Because We Are QDivision. – Saad
We Are QDivision: This is Saad.

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