Stuck In the Same Routine? Not Here

Here at QDivision, the teams are dynamic…

In many organizations, individuals are hired for a specific position or role and are expected to be the master of those tasks. The opportunity to learn and grow is constrained by the responsibilities of the job.

The teams at QDivision are composed of passionate individuals that strive to learn and grow quickly to add value to any mission. We don’t want taskmasters, but rather artists with unbounded creativity to deliver quality solutions that delight the customer. Individuals are constantly learning and moving between projects and teams to maximize their value.

In our fast-paced technology world, we have to react quickly with agility to sustain the solutions to solve the problems for the customer. Optimal team size is 3-5 developers focused on a specific project or product, but every individual is diverse and skilled to move to any other team based on the demands of the organization. The collaborative spirit of the team provides a culture embracing new members and support to members leaving.

One week an individual can be working on a new micro-service to handle a specific functionality and the next they could be developing a new screen for a mobile application. The fluidity of the organization provides many opportunities for individuals to learn and grow within QDivision.

If you’re interested in maximizing your potential, join our team.

Let’s move!

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