Investing in the Future: QDivision Launches the QTraining Program

Top Row: Mark Oates, Carolyn Peters, Oren Montano, David Morley, Mark Hennen, Jazmin Olivares & Jim McBride Bottom Row: Alex Daigre, John Williams, Chris Reams, Ben Peters, Cole Alves & Matthew Sherry

QDivision welcomed its first group of eight recruits into the QTraining Program earlier this year. The program is designed to build on the technical knowledge developed at code schools and universities with an emphasis in work culture. Two out of the eight recruits come from university backgrounds. Six recruits were brought on from LaunchCode, a nonprofit organization that helps prepare and connect people of a variety of backgrounds into the technology workforce.

Recruits are given resources to quickly learn an ever-evolving set of modern technologies that QDivision uses to deliver innovative products for the business and its customers. They are also exposed to the techniques and disciplines, such as testing and continuous integration, that are critical to professional software development.

“The QTraining Program allows us to provide the graduates with valuable job experience and technical skills.  Additionally, it provides QDivision with a new source for evaluating talent, who already have some awareness of the environment and the way we work.”
– Mark Oates, Sr. Director of Software Engineering

QDivision believes that the best software is built by highly-cohesive, self-organized teams that are accountable to each other. To help develop those skills, the recruits are split into small teams and asked to collaborate closely as they move through the curriculum and project work. The recruits will be finishing up their six-month program in July.

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