We Are QDivision: This is Kevin Huber and Joel Walker

Programming languages for Gaming and Software overlap, so naturally at QDivision there are plenty of casual conversations about gaming and game design during a normal work day. Most recently, discussions about The Game Awards coming up December 6 have been building. Will Fortnite win Best Ongoing Game? Will Marvel’s Spider-Man or Assassin’s Creed earn Game of the Year?

Beyond those gaming topics, there is also a buzz around the office about some fun gaming projects a couple QDivision employees are working on.

This is Kevin Huber. He has worked for QDivision as a developer since October of this year.

Your favorite part about working here? “The freedom to explore and help out in a certain area you feel you can contribute the best with your current set of skills, experiences, strengths, etc.”

What are you working on in the gaming world? “I have been working on prototyping a game in Unreal Engine 4 called Neonscape.” The video linked below showcases a fun experiment called party mode.

“UE4 is great as it makes it easier than ever to start designing video games. The hope was to inspire and form a community around building games at any age using simple drag and drop blueprinting natively included with UE4. Even kids can learn game design!” Kids learning important skills that will give them a head start if they are interested in a career involving software or app development is always a good idea!

This is Joel Walker. He has worked for QDivision for 18 months as a software engineer.

What are you working on in the gaming world?  “[When I first started this game design,] I knew how to program, but I didn’t know how to be a software developer. I didn’t know how to compromise between features and delivery, even with myself. As a result, I built up a huge codebase of cool features and really fast code that didn’t really fit together. People would ask to see my game and I would have to tell them that nothing was really visible yet. That was my story for 5 years.” Things started to improve after he started working at QDivision. Working at QDivision has taught him valuable skills that are useful not only for his job but also outside of the office in his game development.

Your favorite part about working here? He says it’s what he has learned about QDivision’s Tri-force and how he applies this same ideal in his game development. “The Tri-force is: 1) Product wants features. 2) Design wants aesthetics for the user. 3) Developers wanted nice code. An optimal product will be created from the balance of all three.”

Joel’s work at QDivision on Unigroup’s Virtual Survey app taught him how to deliver a product, not just write cool code. “We had to abandon features that I would have jumped on without hesitation if I would have been working on my game. Pretty quickly I realized that was why I didn’t have a game after 5 years of work. At QDivision, we delivered. That’s what matters. I knew what I needed to aim for was delivery in my game.”

Have you delivered? “A few months after I had this epiphany, I finally had something I was proud to show people who asked. It wasn’t amazing, just a single, lonely tree, but it was something beyond just code.

The game demo [below] shows one of the most difficult parts that I’ve had to write so far: isosurface mesh generation. The mesh is defined by a set of points, or blobs, that ‘repel’ the isosurface. There are about 350,000 blobs in this demo.

There’s still a lot of things standing between my game and an MVP. I need some better terrain generation, an inventory system, and the ability to dig/place blobs. I’m also really excited about integrating a scripting language so the community can write their own terrain generators. Amongst all these things, I’m going to constantly deliver, because I’m a QDivision Software Engineer and that’s what we do.”


This is the second post in our “WeAreQDivision” series highlighting our people and the interesting things they do in and out of the office. To read our previous post in this series, click here. We are proud of our people and the amazing things they do in and out of the QDivision office. Our culture applauds work-life integration by supporting opportunities for meaningful engagement between the interconnected roles of work and home. We Are QDivision.

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